N°16 - AUTOMN 2018


16- Edito

In 2011 an oddball appeared in bookstores. A hefty magazine with over 300 pages containing as many, if not more, photographs. A magazine with major reports that choose to relate the century in images. Initially, the gambit was twofold. On the one hand, to move away from a photojournalism that, since it is subject to the imperatives of immediacy, tends to be standardized. On the other, to stand out from other finely crafted photography magazines through the power of story. By bringing words and images into conversation, 6Mois also aims to bridge continents.

For the readers, it offers a chance to set their sights further. For the authors, photographers, and journalists from all over the world, it offers a forum in which their perspectives and sensibilities can be expressed. Twice a year, the insatiable curiosity of the former encounters the productive energy of the latter.

Seven years after its creation, 6Mois recently underwent a crisis that could have turned it belly up. Major financial difficulties struck Rollin Publications, the parent company publishing this title as well as the magazine XXI. These difficulties were not related to any lack of love from our readership… 6Mois and XXI were in fine form. However, the launch by this publisher of the magazine Ebdo and its failure just several months later affected all of the publications. So the founders have stepped down. 6Mois and XXI are now under the responsibility of La Revue dessinée and the magazine Topo, associated with Éditions du Seuil.

It’s a natural match. While different in form, these publications are very similar in spirit. They share a calm relationship with time, rigorous standards of quality, both editorial and graphics, and a certain vision of journalism : one that is humanistic, patient, and political. The promise that 6Mois formulated in its very first issue – authenticity, pertinence, singularity – has not changed and the same can be said of its core values.

Independence, first of all. 6Mois is not coming under the banner of a major corporation ; it is joining a small publishing house. Then there is the absence of advertising. Showcasing photography means refusing to use it as a foil for commercial content. Refusing to expose oneself to the pressure of advertisers means targeting only the readers’ support. This connection is never more precious than in adversity : 6Mois would be nothing without the community of passionate individuals who read it, discover it, discuss it, and subscribe to it.

Finally, quality : 6Mois will continue to foster and promote the work of the very best photographers in a carefully designed context. After seven years of incredible work, Marie-Pierre Subtil, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, is departing for new horizons. The long-term journalists of the editorial team will carry her torch. This all-women team will be the guarantors of continuity. Among others, they are the ones who, year after year, have built up and supported this prestigious publication. Today, as ever, your magazine will be the fruit of their quills, gazes, and expertise.

The team’s ambition is intact. As is its appetite for depicting the world. The pertinence and power of this issue 16 on the “Women’s Cause” attests to this. With this publication and those to come, we will endeavour to preserve this precious connection that unites you, dear readers, with this magazine.

Franck Bourgeron, Sylvain Ricard, Hugues Jallon.

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