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Last summer, over four thousand of you responded to our call to participate in the festival organised by XXI and 6Mois, with the magazines Harper’s (United States), Internazionale (Italy) and Reportagen (German-speaking Switzerland). For three days, in the small village of Couthures, in the Lot-et-Garonne region, by the riverside, we talked, laughed, cogitated, met exceptional eye-witnesses and authors who were no less so, shared a meal or a glass, and danced, too. This gathering that still hangs in our memories was the fruit of the labour begun in 2008, with the launch of the magazine XXI, then amplified with the birth of 6Mois three years later. With the radical transformations of the press, we wanted to get back to basics. First, the taste for reality : to go see and then tell the story.

Second, counting on the authors’ talent, accommodating the most diverse propositions, and opening doors and windows to maintain and cultivate our curiosity. Finally, the choice to forgo shareholders seeking to wield influence and increasingly demanding advertisers. We put our fate in your hands : the life of 6Mois and XXI depend on you alone.

And you came to the party. Almost two million magazines have been sold in ten years, without a single page of advertising. And the latest issues of 6Mois (Iran : Counter Winds) and of XXI ( Living in the war zone) had to be reprinted owing to high demand.

Year after year, issue after issue, we have established a direct exchange between you and us, focused on the essential. This unique forum has continued into “real life” through dozens of events, a photo club circulating in bookshops, and open days that have always filled the house to the gunwales.

The 2016 summer festival was an important phase in our shared history. Our conviction is that we must go even further in the relationship between readers and journalists. Therefore, we are proposing a new event this summer. It will take place in Burgundy on 14, 15 and 16 July. This new festival will be entitled “Les rendez-vous de juillet” and will provide a forum for true stories, in words and images. You’ll find our team there, along with our wonderful long-term partners : France Info, the magazine Harper’s, Internazionale and Reportagen, the Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédia (Scam), the children’s magazines by Éditions Milan, etc.

There will be the same spirit and conviviality as in the Lot-et-Garonne, but with more space and improved organisation, a variety and calibre of propositions unique in France. The superb city of Autun, with its Roman theatre and lake, will host us. It will make its historic centre pedestrian for the occasion. The main square and a dozen magnificent sites will be open to the “rendez-vous de juillet”. The Gallic site of Bibracte, on Mount Beuvray, will also be decked with flags in the festival colours on the occasion of an exceptional afternoon and evening.

There will be over one hundred guest speakers, including a glittering array of great photographers from all over France and from abroad. We will share a breathtaking programme : of journalism, an abundance of graphic novels, talented photographers, documentaries, Theâtre du Réel, workshops, and more... Not to mention music, good wine (obviously), organic food, and ad hoc camping.

In short, a warm, lively, and familial event, which will satisfy fans of photojournalism with indoor or outdoor screenings. Over the coming weeks, you can find out more on the Facebook pages of the XXI and 6Mois magazines, as well as on the websites.

Do you want a media independent of power, that describes the world as it is, that likes the people it discusses, and that respects readers ? Do you know friends or loved ones who might enjoy this experience of living journalism, in flesh and blood, ephemeral and generous ? Then let’s band together for a weekend on the holiday trail.
We’re expecting you •

Laurent Beccaria, Patrick de Saint Exupéry, Marie-Pierre Subtil

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