N°1 - SPRING 2011



A magazine is never just a coincidence, rather a timely combination of emotions, inspiration and encounters. A press creation is like a love story which turns everything upside down. Reasonable people cry out : “photojournalism is dead !”, “You are crazy”… true. Yet we couldn’t resist it.

6 Mois is deeply rooted in a certain idea of photojournalism, born in the early 20th century with a wave of shock that still remains. During the Spanish war, Robert Capa invented the War Correspondent myth : “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”. The first image of the Dachau concentration camp was published in the weekly Vu, the Allied Victory and the boom of the American Way of Life were immortalized through the eyes of Life and look magazines.

At 6 Mois, we believe that photo journalism is possible. The commitment of Eugene Smith who wanted to “sink into the heart of the picture”, and realize an absolute reportage, left a deep impression. This “Decisive Moment”, as coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, imposed photography at the heart of magazines. Our collective memory is imbued with reportages by Brassaï, Boubat, Doisneau, pictures of the Indochina and Vietnam wars, Depardon’s desert, American farmers by Richard Avedon, Chinese crowds by Marc Riboud.

But the framework of photojournalism exploded with the advent of marketing and digital technologies. Inexorably, illustration replaced reportage. Each day, three international agencies – AFP, Reuters, AP – and a myriad of local correspondents flood websites, telephones and magazines with news pictures.

Photography and journalism both evolved ; so we dreamed up 6 Mois to reconnect journalism with photography, to renew the pact between the reader and the photographer, to find the meeting point between the public’s appetite and the sometimes astounding energy of the authors. The reference points which guide us are eternal : authenticity, relevance, commitment. It takes courage and passion to spend weeks, months, even years on one subject. It calls for true dedication and patience.

6 Mois is an adventure of modern times. We live on a small planet with nearly seven billion people. This century is young. It creates itself in Brazil, Indonesia, China, Egypt. It is being told. 6 Mois’ authors are Chinese, Ecuadorian, Russian, Belgian, Canadian, Somali, American, French…The list of photographic credits regroups over twenty nationalities. One must see far to embrace our epoch. Other countries in Europe, North America, but also in Latin America and Asia will join us as issues go by. Texts will be translated, contents will remain the same, and publishing will be simultaneous. Twice per year, at the beginning of spring and early autumn, 6 Mois will be link between continents.

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N°17 - SPRING 2019

Orient Extreme

Portfolio A Lonely Business
Investigations The Ideal Son-in-Law
Photobiography The City before You
September 2019

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