N°11 - SPRING 2016



Issue after issue, we strive to weave connections between photography and the lives of every reader. This is an important struggle. Photojournalism is losing its initial function by seeking refuge in galleries and museums. Images are warm, intimate and alive. They are irreplaceable eyewitnesses. Their powers of attraction and vicarious identification allow an immediate understanding of the most complex situations.

Supporting photojournalism involves more than just publishing it – it is also about promoting it. So, we meet you halfway. For the past two years, 6Mois has regularly visited bookstores, with a huge portable screen in tow. Our photo-club projects portfolios from the magazine, accompanied by commentary from a member of our editorial team. Forty-nine soirées have already been held, uniting over 2 000 readers. Screenings are also regularly held on our premises (the programme is on the website www.27ruejacob.fr). Regularly, classes from all over France are welcomed into the offices of 6 Mois. Schools have a special relationship with the magazine, a happy and passionate one.

In the same spirit, we are associated in Rennes with the cultural complex Les Champs Libres. It permanently exhibits three 6Mois portfolios, and will soon have more on display. The double-page spreads of the portfolios are enlarged and displayed like a mural newspaper !

In order to develop this “beyond the walls” presence, 6Mois, in association with our sister magazine with written reports, XXI, will hold the “first festival of live journalism” this summer. Live journalism is journalism that challenges, seeks out, invents and reports back. It is “hot” – in the sense that events are heated – bitter as truth, and tender as hope. It surprises us. It shakes us up. It is completely different from the dead journalism that is endlessly repeated, doles out preconceived truths, and confuses information with advertising.

There are thousands of people the world over who practise this live journalism, in all of its facets. We’d like to give them a rallying point in France. A moment to meet with their readers.

For three days, in the southwest of France, ten minutes from Marmande, on the banks of the Garonne, next 29, 30 and 31 July, we’re presenting a unique event, with rapper MC Solaar as the patron of our first edition, and bringing together some major international magazines : Harper’s from the USA, Internazionale from Italy, Reportagen hailing from Germany and Switzerland, and of course, XXI and 6Mois. With the reporters, archivists, cartoonist-reporters, and actors from the civic theatre, we had to find a special place for 6Mois’ photojournalists. We’ll give them a chance to speak. We’ll show their work.

In order to help clear a path to the future, we’re also associated with the Lumix festival in Hannover. Every two years, Lumix presents sixty exhibitions of young photojournalists under 35 years old. The next edition will be held in June 2016. And the Couthures festival will present an exceptional screening of the best portfolios chosen by the editorial team. Come take a look at Couthures this summer. You won’t be disappointed. We promise !

In this issue, we are also celebrating the fifth anniversary of 6Mois. Anniversaries provide an occasion for mutual expressions of gratitude. The five postcards that we’ve slipped inside this issue are a small token of our esteem for your loyalty, your presence, and your many signs of affection. Free of advertising, 6Mois only exists through your support. Each day, this miracle gives us the courage to dare, to clean out the cobwebs, and to explore. In short, to practise live journalism.

Thanks for being there for us.

Laurent Beccaria, Patrick de Saint Exupéry, Marie-Pierre Subtil

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