Where can I buy 6Mois ? I went to every kiosk but couldn’t find it anywhere. Do not be surprised, 6Mois is sold in bookshops, not in kiosks.

I would like to write to the editorial team, or react to an article. How can I do so ? All you need to do is send us an email to info@6mois.fr or a letter (15 rue de la fontaine au roi, 75011 Paris - France), indicating “Readers’ Mail” in the subject heading.

How can I get in touch with a photographer in particular ? Simply by sending us an email at info@6mois.fr, or a letter at our postal address (15, rue de la fontaine au roi, 75011 Paris, France), indicating “To the attention of…” in the header. All correspondence is forwarded to the photographers.

When will the next issue of 6Mois be published ? The magazine runs biannually, following seasonal rhythms, early spring (around March 21st) and autumn (early September). Each coming issue’s run date is announced on the last page.

I would like to subscribe to, or order, issues. How should I proceed ? Several options are available. You may subscribe online here. Each 6Mois issue also contains a subscription form.

I would like to contact the subscription team for a specific request (address change, special event shipping, delivery problems…) ? All you need do is send us a letter at our postal address or an email at c.blaise@6mois.fr : Christine Blaise will answer all your queries.

Can I subscribe to 6Mois for someone else ? Of course. All details are on the subscription forms.

Are you published in every French-speaking country ? We are published in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and at the discretion of francophone bookshops.

How can I avoid paying shipping costs when buying one issue at a time ? You have two options. The first one, obvious, is to buy 6Mois in a bookshop. For people who cannot get to a bookshop, they can subscribe for one or two years. Shipping is free for Metropolitan France and the Dom-Toms.


I am a photographer and I would like to put forward a contribution to 6Mois. How can I do so ? By sending an email to Léna Mauger and Marion Quillard :

Are all proposals considered ? They all are, without exception.

I submitted a proposal and still have not received any answer a month later. Is this normal ? We receive many proposals and cannot always reply to all of them. Do not hesitate to contact us again.

I would like to put forward a proposal. In what form should it be ? 6Mois focuses on photo-reportages which narrate the world. Published portfolios regroup tens of pictures on a same subject, carefully chosen from a vast selection. Please note that we do not publish single photos nor purely artistic pictures. The quality of the story is primordial.

Do I really have a chance to be published in 6Mois since no one recommended me ? Yes, our doors and windows are wide open…


How can I get in touch with the bookshop partnerships manager ? Your contact is Martina Bacigalupo. You can send her an email at : m.bacigalupo@6mois.fr.

I would like to sell 6Mois. What should I do ? All you need to do is contact our distributor : Sharlie Minette or Thibaut Brugat Dreux,

Who distributes 6 Mois ? Hachette distribution

I own a kiosk and I would like to sell 6Mois. How should I proceed ? 6Mois is sold in bookshops or newsagents, not in kiosks.

I would like to promote 6Mois. Do you organize meetings with the readers, do you have advertising posters ? Yes, please do not hesitate to contact Sharlie or Thibaut.


I would like to apply for a work placement in your editorial team. What should I do ? We can only welcome a small number of interns. To submit your application, you must send an email to info@6mois.fr, indicating “Work placement request” in the subject header.

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Photobiography The City before You
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